Speed up your site with PHPSpeedy

Leon Chevalier of Aciddrop has just released a free script that can considerably speed-up your website or blog's load time. PHPSpeedy works by making fewer HTTP requests, adding a far-future expires header, Gziping page components and minifying Javascript, CSS and HTML.

The end results are pretty stunning, in Chevalier's test (available at his site), a 271 KB page with 14 requests took 4.44 seconds to load. The same page after the modifications weighed in at 49 KB and just 4 requests, for 1.1s load time.

The latest version of the script includes an installer process that makes enabling the script on your own website for blog very, very easy. We tried it on our own WordPress installation and found the results to be as advertised and the installation process to be worry free.

For more specific WordPress 2.3.x instructions, follow us after the jump.For WordPress 2.3.x users, installing and enabling the script is very easy.

Read more this article here. or you can download this great script at here.