10 Firefox Extension to Fight Against Phishing

Phishing is an attempt to steal an access, identity or useful information by making a fake pages. Usually they attempt to steal e-mail, username, password, bank account number, etc.

Never reveal your passwords. Not even to family or close friends. Of course you trust your family and friends but once revealed you can never be sure that they will not unwittingly reveal your password to someone else. There may be occasions, due to sickness or accident for example, when you have to allow family or close friends to access some on-line accounts. Following such occasions you should change your passwords as soon as practically possible.

The following are a few of Firefox extensions that could be use to fight against phishing attack.

1. PhishTank SiteChecker
Will block all phishing site according to data from PhishTank Community. When you visit site that were considered as phishing site by PhishTank, then it will show you blocking page.

2. Google Safe Browsing
Will give warning when a site page attempt to steal private data or bank account information. By combining algorithm combination with data about fake site from many source, then Google Safe Browsing will automatically recognize if you visiting phishing site.

3. WOT
WOT helping you to recognize phishing site by showing site reputation to your browser. So that you can easily avoiding phishing site. The Reputation were taken according to testimonial from WOT community.

4. Verisign EV Green Bar
This extension adding certificate validation to your browser. When you access ’secure’ site, then address bar text will turn into green and showing the site owner and certificate authority. This extension helpful to recognize fake site.

5. iTrustPage
Will prevent internet user in filling form to some fake site. When you visiting site that has form page, iTrustPage calculate value from TrustScore form page, to find out if those site are valid or not.

6. Finjan SecureBrowsing
Finjan SecureBrowsing examine link to your search result and give warning about potentially phishing link. Finjan will attempt to detect malicious code and script as well. After that will give green marked for safe link and red malicious link.

7. FirePhish
FirePhish warned you everytime you visit site that is considered phishing site or has suspicious script and code.

8. CallingID Link Advisor
CallingID Link Advisor verify whether if a link is safe or not before you fully open it. When your mouse point to that link then it will show you an detailed information about those link so you can easily recognize trusted site.

9. SpoofStick
SpoofStick make you easy to find out whether if those site is a fake by showing only valid and relevant domain information.

TrustBar give an advantage to user to give a name or logo site. Making it easier to find out if those site are fake or not.