Let Google Analytics and Google Adsense To The Altar

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool from Google that helps you to analyze various aspects of your sites like how many visitors visit your site, average duration of visits, source of the traffic and most popular page in your site. You can go beyond traditional visitor and page views counts to measure downloads, sales conversion and video plays and adjust your site accordingly to increase the revenue.

Why do I need to integrate AdSense and Analytics?

By integrating your Google AdSense account with Analytics provides you detailed information about your ads and your sites. You can use this information to improve ad performance and increase AdSense revenue.
Monitor which geographies, pages, traffic sources and browsers bring users to your site.
Understand which pages users spend time on and which pages not attracting the users.
Once you integrate AdSense and Analytics, AdSense performance can be seen in a separate AdSense section of your Analytics account. This show earnings and ad impressions based on user visits, the top sites referring users to AdSense, and the geographical areas where your visitors are located.

How do I use Analytics to increase my AdSense revenue?

you can customize your content and ads to your site’s users with the in depth information available from Analytics. Following are few ways to view your Analytics reports for increasing your AdSense revenue:
Geographic location: From which city or country in the world your visitors are coming? You can change your site’s content suitable to visitors in these locations.
Referring source: If you know where visitors are coming from, it is easy for you to customize your content to them in order to keep them coming back for more.
Browser usage: Observe the browsers and technologies most used by your visitors and check the compatibility of your sites.

How to link AdSense and Analytics account?

Log in to AdSense account, under Home > Overview you can see the link “Integrate with Google Analytics”.
Analytics Link in AdSense AccountThis link will take you to Google Analytics page and you’ll be asked to create a new Analytics account, or indicate an existing Analytics account to link to. To link to an existing Analytics account, your AdSense log in must be an Administrator on that Analytics account.
Once you linked your AdSense account to Analytics account, you can check the details of your site under Content > AdSense tab.

Other Features of Google Analytics:

You can also create Analytics account without linking to AdSense account. The first step is to open Google Analytics account.
Once you logged into your account, Go to Admin tab select Profiles and select +New Profile

Create Analytics ProfileProvide name for your profile and select Create Profile.
Create New Analytics ProfileAnd provide your site detail and save the information.

Edit Analytics Profile InformationUnder Tracking Code Tab, you can see the Tracking ID linked to your profile.
Google Analytics Tracking CodeAnalytics provides various methods to generate the Tracking Code.
Methods of Generating Analytics Tracking CodeYou can select the Tracking code and paste into every page you want to track immediately before the closing tag.
If you are using Weebly, you can paste the code in Settings > SEO > Footer Code

Integrating Google Analytics Tracking Code with Weebly Site
Once you pasted the tracking code and successfully published your site, Google Analytics will start receive the data from your site. You can check the tracking status under Tracking Code > Website Tracking.

Integrating Google Analytics Tracking Code with Weebly Site
Once your site is connected to Google Analytics you can check pageviews, visitors count, source of visitors and many other options from the left side navigation menu. you can add various widgets to your dashboard for quick monitoring.

Google Analytics Dashboard