Growth Up Traffic Of Adsense Site With Using Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your sites, articles, videos and everything else you do online is a great way to get backlinks and drive traffic to your site. Bookmarking sites are where people go to have a list of their favorite sites online and to share these sites or other related sites with others. These sites can generate traffic to your web site(s) because the bookmarking sites have a very large community. But the most important aspect of this bookmarking sites is that you are getting quality one way backlinks. Backlinks are very important to have if you want to rank high in the search engines for your keywords.

Bookmarking sites can generate traffic more quickly than search engines because they index and categorize content faster than the search engines. So be sure to have a well planned and targeted bookmarking campaign and you will drive free targeted traffic to your web site.

When you start to bookmark everything you do online, here is a few of the main sites that you should be using:

1. Digg - this site is for people to submit stories that they find on the internet. When other people like your story, they digg it. The more diggs a story gets, the higher it is ranked. If you can get enough diggs your story can appear on the front page with the potential of getting thousands of views.

2. Technorati - is one of the main authority sites when it comes to blogs. They monitor the content, comments and links between.

3. Stumble upon - Bookmarking or telling people which web sites that you stumble upon and think are interesting.

4. - high authority bookmarking site with a large community

when you are bookmarking be sure to add the correct tags to your bookmarks. This will guarantee that they are seen and will increase links to your site. When adding tags, be sure to pay attention to the format that the site uses.
The two most common formats are comma separated and space separated. Make sure you follow the correct format so you get the full benefit of each bookmark.

Bookmarking your sites manually can be very time consuming. Here are two tools that will help you make the process go a little faster.
  1. Only Wire
  2. Social Marker
So get started and sign up for accounts at these bookmarking sites and remember to bookmark everything you do online.