Social Bookmarking Submission Tips

Social Bookmarking refers to web based applications that allow people to store bookmarks online instead of just putting in the favorites or bookmarks on their computers. The direct advantage of this is that people can access their bookmarked sites from any computer, or even from a mobile phone.

The good aspect of social bookmarking is that it allows users to share bookmarks with other Internet users in a collaborative manner. Generally, social bookmarking takes place on sites where the users can create an account to add their bookmarks to. It's also helpful to do it on sites that allow users to insert keywords for the types of bookmarks they add. In that manner, they all can be organized and set into categories that other users can easily search through.

But how submit your social bookmarking successfully? The follow five tips can help you.

Firstly, when you post the article to a social bookmarking site, make sure the short description you provide entices potential customers, not with a blatant sales pitch but by summarizing the information that people interested in your type of products want to read.

Secondly, take care in adding tags of your most relevant keywords in order to make the link easy to find within the site. Some sites limit the number of tags you can add while others provide nearly limitless space to include every relevant keyword or phrase.

Thirdly, make your content easy to share. All of the major blogging platforms such as WordPress or Blogger include plug-ins to add a little ‘share' graphic to your posts. This allows readers to easily and quickly make one click and add a bookmark of your article URL at any site where they have an account.

Last but not the least, be sure to include a plug-in that allows readers to add your site to an RSS feed as well. These feed aggregators are a popular way for internet users to combine all the blogs they follow into one easy-to-find place that shows the most current updates to all their favourites.

Social bookmarking existed several years before and people will always discover new concepts about the bookmarking world especially with the fields of marketing and promotion. Many have benefited from its advantages and new ideas are still being developed to maximize its use. The online marketing industry and community eye social marketing as one of their major tools in the future. No wonder many social bookmarking sites have come to provide the basic advantages and enjoy the benefits of social bookmarking.