How to Drive Targeted Web Traffic to Your Site in 15 Minutes

At the end of the day, internet marketing is a business about driving more targeted traffic to your web site and eventually turning into qualified and convertible buyers.

From Perry Marshall, a PPC expert says: “It’s about getting in front of people who are looking for you to sell right at the moment and get them to response.” With PPC, you have the ability to reach your target market almost instantly.

Several attractions of using PPC:

  • quickest and fastest way to generate targeted traffic.
  • market a wide range of products and services to global audience
  • precisely control your targeted audience and date of advertisement
  • simply set up a good campaign in less than 10 minutes and let it run autopilot
  • pay only when visitors click in your ads.
  • no upfront cost
  • pay only a "certain amount" per click which is decided by you.
  • ads display on the first page of search engine with bidding of keywords determined solely by you and your choice of keywords.

Pitfalls of PPC: Cost you a dime (hundreds or thousands of dollars) if set up wrongly, mainly the selection of keywords.

To create a profitable PPC campaign which drives targeted traffic to your web site instantly, it is imperative to follow the simple tactics listed below:

(1) Perform a thorough keyword research for your product.

You want to find some niche keywords that can drive targeted traffic to your website. A good keyword to use is usually a question-type keyword, name of products, url of the product's website. A keyword can be classified into broad-type keyword, phrase-type and exact-type keyword.

For instance, you are using 'internet marketing' as a keyword.

A broad-type keyword is simply typing internet marketing in your campaign. Hence, as long as any users type in internet or marketing, your ads will display.

A phrase-type keyword has quotes enclosed the keyword and it is written as "internet marketing". When a user keys in a phrase like internet marketing business or online internet marketing, your ads will be shown.

Lastly, an exact-type keyword is written as [internet marketing]. Your ads will only be shown when an user keys in the exact keywords internet marketing in the search engine.

(2) Create a campaign with well written title and description.

Your title should create curiosity so that people will click on your ads. It should contain keyword so that your ads will be noticed easily and subseqently, high chance of ranking in top 10 positions. The description should entail benefits and features of your products. Preferably, it should include your keyword. The keyword added in your ads will appear in bold on the search engine.

(3) Always Test, Test and Test your campaign

Create 2 variations for your campaign to test the headline, description and url.

For example, I create a campaign with 2 variations using internet marketing as keyword.
In the below variation, I am testing the title/headline of the ads. Use the title of ads which is more popular with the audience. A popular ads will be shown more often.

Ad #1:

Title: Internet Marketing Scam
Description: Internet marketing makes $98K with
242% increase in sales scam exposed!
(your site url)

Ad #2:

Title: Internet Marketing BS
Description: Internet marketing makes $98K with
242% increase in sales scam exposed!
(your site url)

Source: Marsden Tan