Improve Your Blog Appearance with YouTube Stylish Bar

Many of you who own a website or at least a blog embed YouTube clips very often in order to make the content more attractive for the visitors. Because of that, the video sharing service released a new function which enables you
to create YouTube bars and place them on your website to invite users to view certain clips.

Obviously, the video bar can be configured to showcase only the movies from a certain channel or the ones which match a specific search query. The video bar can be easily implemented into your website because the YouTube video bar wizard provides you a simple code just like any embeddable video.

At this time, you're able to choose from two versions of video bars, vertical or horizontal as well as from several channels including most viewed videos, top rated videos and recently featured videos.
"Got a blog or website? Maybe you want to add some pizzazz in the form of YouTube videos. If you've ever embedded individual videos, you might be interested in adding a horizontal or vertical YouTube video bar. It's easy to set up and you can customize it to feature a specific YouTube channel, Most Viewed Videos, Top Rated Videos, Recently Featured Videos, or videos resulting from a certain search term," the YouTube team wrote on the main blog of the video sharing service.
The entire configuration process can be made in a matter of seconds as it only requires you to enter minimal details about the channels and the type of the video bar.
"If you're curious about what else you can do with the Video Bar, check out the GSvideoBar documentation. With a little more programming, you can change the player size, number of results, thumbnail size, and more," Google stated in an attempt to attract more users.
Source: Bogdan Popa